Wonder woman

As many of you know I am back on the job market. And this means application after application and by extension interviews. Through my experience - and a brief stint as a recruitment consultant - I’ve learnt few little tricks that will help you before an interview. In addition to RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH (I can’t [...]

Handling disappointment

Disappointment can be defined as the experience of sadness involving unfulfilled hopes or expectations. Like most of us, it is an emotion that I’m not fond of, I’m often unsure how to react when I experience it and often try to avoid it. Instead of accepting the failure – as that is often how I [...]

The Glass and the Hustle

Is the glass half empty or half full? I’m the glass half empty type of person. So the “hustling” isn’t a practice that sits well with me. I want the full glass. The best things. Growing up there was always a distinction between doing being “respectable” and NOT. When it came to my job search the [...]

The last leg

I’m so over University it’s not even a joke. Even though I can see the finish line, finding the will to keep going is so difficult. "Just keep going until the 6th September. Just keep going. You can do it. You can do it." That’s the mantra I repeat again and again in my head, [...]

Overcoming the first hurdle

My first post. Why am I only writing it now? Years after I had the idea? In fact, I even made a blog before – although it was only up for five minutes before I took it down again. But why is that? I had an idea, I made a plan, I started to execute [...]