We all know that business, there is no escaping it. The business environment is a cutthroat world driven by monetary gains. That is a reality that I am not trying to change, it is an environment driven by competition and I’m not trying to change that. What I am saying is that the players should at least adhere to some type of code.

Dimming Your Light Does Not Make Mine Brighter

I am writing this after listening to a friend share her story, can you imagine building a business only to have it torn down by another player. Not because of quality or service problems but because they both were in the same industry, so the player wanted to remove her from the equation. What she doesn’t understand is that removing her does not make her any better. This understanding seems to be one that is hard to grasp for many in different walks of life dimming your light does NOT make mine brighter. You will succeed on your own merits and my success does not take success from others, you can get yours and I can get mine. We can all win!

“It is nice to have valid competition; it pushes you to do better”
Gianni Versace

Now I’m not saying that competition is bad, in fact it’s great. Competition is what keeps me motivated. Competition keeps me on my toes, pushing for better more innovative ideas constantly. Without competition one may stay stationary, having achieved a position in the market and chill there feeling comfortable. But knowing you have someone racing on that track against you, pushes you to go for that gold medal. But competition is not to undermine or swindle your fellow competitors that’s called cheating! But unlike a race there isn’t one gold medal, you can have it and I can have it too so there’s no need to try and take mine away. In fact, instead of helping you it could expose you, hindering and preventing you from crossing your finish line.

Now that we understand that there is enough space in this world for everyone to shine let’s encourage it. Instead of acting as a barrier to entry lets support, mentor and motivate those around us. We should all put on our winning mentality and encourage the people we love to win too. If you love someone you should want them to win right? So, let’s help the win! Mentor and be mentored, it’s an amazing way to give back and the best way to learn is from someone who has been in a similar situation. Instead of trying to navigate through all the obstacles the business world has to offer learn how to avoid them from someone who has walked that path before. It takes a lot more to try and snuff out someone else’s light then it does to help them shine a little brighter.

“Be confident enough to encourage confidence in others”

~Ron Kaufman

Stay blessed,


Posted by:Jade Lianne

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