There’s no denying it, it’s everywhere, it’s a New Year! But, what does that mean? If you believe social media a New Year symbolises a change. Everything is New. New me, new mentality, new friendship groups, new this, new that. This is surprising after a year that focused so much around “self-care”. Yes, change is good, it is the only thing we can guarantee. But, instead of having this idea that we have to be born again into this image of our imagination – which has most likely failed in the previous years. Why don’t we change the conversation to embracing ourselves in the New year, to having a period of self-reflection and evaluation so we can identify our weaknesses and vow to improve it. So, that the end of the year it’s not about being “new” it’s about growth.


The Motto

Around a week ago the question “what is your motto for the year” was posed to me. Initially, I was taken aback. I don’t usually have a motto for the year, I make my resolutions and I try hard to stick to them. But I took a second to think about it and creating a motto does have its advantages. It’s about having that line that will remind instantly what you intended the year to be about, the most effective ones may even link back to your resolutions, motivating you when you become doubtful or fall off. My motto of 2018 is “short term sacrifice leads to long term gain”.


Short Term Sacrifice Leads to Long Term Gain

It’s not glamourous. But, I think it embodies everything my year will be. A lot of my resolutions revolve around attaining and obtaining things, whether that be with my blog, my career or material things. However, at the moment I’m not there. Finances are not on 💯, I couldn’t pass my driving test tomorrow and I am not able to buy the things I want to for my family.


For me 2018 will be about getting to that place that I want to be. It will be about saying no to events so I can save. God’s willing, I will be embarking on a new journey career wise and it will be about me putting my head down and putting in the extra hours so I can wrap my head around a new industry. It’s not going to be easy but I’m okay with it.  I’m okay with making these sacrifices because I see the bigger picture. It’s like what I said in ‘the glass and the hustle” there are going to be times in life when you have to grind hard, but don’t let that stop you. Everyone has to pay their dues at some point and right now is my time. I just hope my friends understand that.

Your Motto


As usual I’m going to bring it back to you. We are a family here after all. What does your year look like at the moment and what is your motto for the year? Are you gonna do a Drake and just YOLO it? Hit me up on social media or the comments, I’d love to hear it.

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Posted by:Jade Lianne

2 replies on “The Year Of

  1. Happy to have found your blog this year. Very great motto you have for 2018, I hope you achieve everything you set out to this year! Happy new year! Look forward to more content! x


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