As many of you know I am back on the job market. And this means application after application and by extension interviews. Through my experience – and a brief stint as a recruitment consultant – I’ve learnt few little tricks that will help you before an interview. In addition to RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH (I can’t stress enough, the amount of times that “why do you want to work for us?” question has highlighted my lack of company knowledge…) I’ve come up with these 3 tips which will help you kick any interviews butt.

  1. Be on TIME – this doesn’t mean getting there ridiculously early and arriving an hour before your interview. As it is likely that the people you are meeting are busy people and probably have something planned. Also, it does suggest that you time management skills may be a bit off if you’ve arrived so early. That doesn’t mean arrive just in the nick of time either. the world is unpredictable and you do NOT want to be late. Instead best practice is usually to arrive 10 (15 max) minutes before. If you do arrive earlier than have a seat at the local coffee shop before entering the building.giphy
  2. Dress to impress – the saying look good feel good is more true than you think. It’s not just about how you will be perceived by the interviewer, it is also about how you feel and by extension how you perform during the interview. Studies have shown that clothing can affect your self-esteem, performance and attitude. However, no one wants to feel out of place, I once dressed corporate for an interview in an office which had a very casual dress code. In the same breath you don’t want to turn up in jeans to a business with a corporate culture. The best thing would be to research the company and try and use that information to ascertain their normal dress code and then dress a tad bit better (to show effort).giphy-2
  3. DO the wonder woman pose – Research has shown that over 50% of a message is conveyed through nonverbal communication. This means your facial expressions, your movement, and your posture. When you are in an interview it is essential to not only be open and enthusiastic with your words but also with your body language (so no arms crossed!) In fact it can also be useful BEFORE an interview. The wonder woman pose is a high power position that if done for 2 minutes can condition you to be less stressed, more assertive, confident and comfortable making you cope better in the interview situation. Personally, I also love to throw in 3 positive affirmations in the mirror every morning. Remind yourself how awesome you are, because you are dope and that small reminder can better frame your day. giphy-3

So as you enter the big scary situation which is “the Interview” remember these tips, give them a go – what can it hurt – and watch your offers role in. For those a little more seasoned in the interviewing game, let us know in the comments any techniques that has worked for you!



Posted by:Jade Lianne

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