So grateful to be nominated for the Sunshine Award by Tisha from Behind the Schmile. As a new blogger I really appreciate the nomination and the support from you guys!

The Sunshine Blogger Award is awarded to blogs that are creative, inspiring and positive! It’s also most encouraging to be supported by other bloggers so big thanks again to Tisha for the nomination- please be sure to check out Behind the Schmile here!

Sunshine Award Questions from Tisha

  1. What is your favourite part about blogging? 

The process and release of writing it all down and sharing it with the world, potentially helping someone.

  1. What makes you #schmile? 

Helping/motivating others

  1. What is your number one self-care tip? 

Exfoliate, tone and moisturise!

  1. Who is your biggest motivator in life? 

My mother, she is the strongest, most realist, most caring person I know. She really grinds for the family, If I am half the person she is I’d be happy.

  1. What inspired you to start a blog? 

I wanted to motivate others and spread some positivity, pass on some of the jewels of life I come across.

Check out some of my nominees below

Year as the Blog



Posted by:Jade Lianne

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