Let me start at the beginning!

As you all know, I finished time at university around mid-September. I went straight into a job as a recruitment consultant. Now I did my research, I read up on the job I asked people and I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy ride. But I was getting turned down elsewhere because I lacked experience and I needed a job, here was a job and experience all in one. The money was OK, but there was the chance of commission and rapid career progression which sold me.

How does the mastery approach help progress in mathematics.jpg

Then I started.


The people were great, the company was great but the job itself was so monotonous. I thought as I gained more responsibility my interest would pique. It didn’t. I was bored and frustrated, because funnily enough the best part of my day was when I was talking to someone. But they had to pick up the phone to do that. They didn’t.


So, what now?


Well I thought I would continue trying it out, “give it time” I told myself. I also thought I would look for jobs on the side but when you’re working 8:30 – 6 there really is no side.


I had a talk with L&D and my manager about where I was so far, how I feel about the job and basically future prospects. We never really got on to the future prospects part because all those talks really did was highlight how unhappy I was in the job. How much I didn’t want to begin a career in this. If anything, this would be a short-term gig. I made a date with my manager to revisit the topic at the end of the week. That meeting never happened because as you will find out by the end of the week I had already quit.


As I mentioned, outside of work I didn’t really have much time for anything else. And it was becoming abundantly clear that the short-term was about to be the long-term if I didn’t leave and put all my efforts into finding a position I was passionate about.


Now I know I’m probably sounding hypocritical. I’ve been harping on about motivation, not giving up, hustling in the meantime I’m quitting the first chance I get! But that only really works if you’re doing that for something your passionate about. It’s that passion that keeps pushing you forward, not the money, not the position but the passion.


So now I’m in a limbo. I have left the “employed” club and I need to figure out what’s next. I guess that’s why they call it a journey. I just know that what ever it is, I am not afraid of the grind I just wanna be passionate about what I do.


How did you guys decide on your career? (let me know in the comments on social media, emails). Maybe your journey can help me in mine.


Posted by:Jade Lianne

6 replies on “I QUIT

  1. Nice piece here!..it’s very important to highlight that people should always endeavour to do what they love and love what they do. 👌❤️


  2. Very inspiring Lianne. I wish you the best of luck in future endeavours! You are absolutely right one must be passionate about what they do.


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