Is the glass half empty or half full?


I’m the glass half empty type of person. So the “hustling” isn’t a practice that sits well with me. I want the full glass. The best things. Growing up there was always a distinction between doing being “respectable” and NOT. When it came to my job search the mentality was the same. I was told to be a “professional”, a doctor, a lawyer an accountant. But it soon became apparent that that wasn’t in the cards for me. I wanted to be a business consultant but feedback from assessment centres and interviews always circled around my lack of experience.


After discussions with mentors, friends and other employed people it became abundantly clear that the pay check was no longer the goal, the job title wasn’t the goal – at least not in the short run. What I had to focus on was getting that experience by any means necessary. That might mean interning, or volunteering. It may mean taking a lesser position. The aim is corporate exposure. And what was hard to wrap my head around was that after 4 years in university I would still have to start at the bottom. Work for free? That concept was foreign to me! It’s slavery! No. Actually, it’s called paying your dues. It’s called sacrificing in the short term for long term gains.


I’m understanding that my first job isn’t going to be about getting the big pay check, it isn’t going to be the dream. I’m going to have to hustle, I’m going to have to grind, but its worth it! Keep doing the right thing and making small moves and one day it will pay off. You’ll – I’ll – look up and realise that I’m leaps and bounds away from where I first started. I guess the beginning of my career is a learning curve. It’s about me learning, growing and maturing so when that opportunity does present itself, I’m ready!


“you don’t need to see the whole staircase to take the first step”


Its these small moves that will prepare me for the bigger ones. It’s the people I meet today that will shape your future tomorrow (this is the pep talk I give myself as I force myself through my day job). I’m a strong believer in treating everyone with respect because you never know how they could influence your life. Every person you meet, everywhere you go is an opportunity!


But I digress..


What I am trying to say – in many words, I must admit – is that there’s no shame in the hustle. The glass is half full! The hustle is the water. Fill your glass and hustle hard.LL.png

Posted by:Jade Lianne

4 replies on “The Glass and the Hustle

  1. A very interesting and inspirational piece. I concur with everything been said especially the idea of “sacrificing in the short term for long term gains”.
    Not everyone sees life this way and especially when it comes to working hard in life. Be it academically or even professionally.
    Well said and hopefully people that read this will gain as much inspiration as I have and put it to practice. 👌👆😜

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