The last leg

I’m so over University it’s not even a joke. Even though I can see the finish line, finding the will to keep going is so difficult. "Just keep going until the 6th September. Just keep going. You can do it. You can do it." That’s the mantra I repeat again and again in my head, [...]


“The only thing that’s constant is change” ~ Heraclitus I should be comforted in that certainty, yet when change happens I can’t help but feel anxious and ill prepared. Friendships are often part of that constant wheel of change. In the moment, we feel the relationship will last a life time, we make pacts, swear [...]

Overcoming the first hurdle

My first post. Why am I only writing it now? Years after I had the idea? In fact, I even made a blog before – although it was only up for five minutes before I took it down again. But why is that? I had an idea, I made a plan, I started to execute [...]