Overcoming the first hurdle

My first post. Why am I only writing it now? Years after I had the idea? In fact, I even made a blog before – although it was only up for five minutes before I took it down again. But why is that? I had an idea, I made a plan, I started to execute [...]

Wonder woman

As many of you know I am back on the job market. And this means application after application and by extension interviews. Through my experience - and a brief stint as a recruitment consultant - I’ve learnt few little tricks that will help you before an interview. In addition to RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH (I can’t [...]


Todays post is one full of appreciation, praise and gratefulness. God IS good. ALL the time! Often the distractions and trials of life means that I can’t always appreciate his goodness. Sometimes I complain and murmur, but then God shows up and all I can do is stand in reverence of his greatness. I know [...]

Sunshine Blogger Award

So grateful to be nominated for the Sunshine Award by Tisha from Behind the Schmile. As a new blogger I really appreciate the nomination and the support from you guys! The Sunshine Blogger Award is awarded to blogs that are creative, inspiring and positive! It’s also most encouraging to be supported by other bloggers so [...]

Handling disappointment

Disappointment can be defined as the experience of sadness involving unfulfilled hopes or expectations. Like most of us, it is an emotion that I’m not fond of, I’m often unsure how to react when I experience it and often try to avoid it. Instead of accepting the failure – as that is often how I [...]


Let me start at the beginning! As you all know, I finished time at university around mid-September. I went straight into a job as a recruitment consultant. Now I did my research, I read up on the job I asked people and I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy ride. But I was [...]